Icinga in the year 2021

by | Dec 23, 2021

The year is coming to an end, this will be our last blogpost for this year too, abd a lot of people are already in the holiday spirit and taking their days off or taking it slow at work.

This blogpost is here to give you a little overview over what happened at Icinga over the past year. Sadly, we couldn’t organise any events this year again, but we did manage to get a bunch of new releases out in the Icingaverse:

Last years releases

Current State

In addition to that I also want to direct your attention towards the recording of Bernds talk on the OSMC one more time, where he also nicely summarises what the Current State of Icinga is by the end of 2021.


And I also want to highlight some nice blogposts that we wrote this year that you might have missed. If you feel like working on your knowledge and be productive while reading, check out the following blogposts:

I hope everyone had a nice year 2021 and I wish you all some happy holidays and the best of luck for the next year!

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