VMware Monitoring

Icinga comes with an easy way to monitor VMware vSphere® environments. All you need is a connection to your VMware vCenter® or VMware ESXi™ host – and a little help from Icinga.

Get an overview over all details of your VMware cluster

View and filter all events occurring in a VMware private cloud

Monitor the utilization of resources of VMware Hosts, Data Stores and VMs

Integrate VMware monitoring with Icinga and the rest of your infrastructure

Receive alerts when anomalies and errors are detected

Store metrics in InfluxDB for simpler debugging and history views

Monitoring VMware Hosts

Monitoring the VMware hosts is essential to identify fundamental errors of a VMware cloud environment. Occurring problems on this layer eventually effect the virtual machines running on the cluster.

  • Get system information like the vendor, model, service tag and more
  • Monitor the utilization of memory, CPU and HBAs
  • See the amount of running VMs on a single host
  • Get specific information about network interfaces
  • Hardware monitoring of batteries, cables, fans, power supply, processors and more
  • Find out about connected PCI devices
  • View VMware Events related to certain VMware hosts



Monitoring VMware Virtual Machines

Icinga monitors VMware virtual machines and permits you to see and understand their availability, current state and resource usage. You get a summary of important aspects of every virtual machine, letting you have the right data at hand at any time.

  • System information like IP address, operating system, VMotion attempts and more
  • Monitor the resource utilization of the memory and CPU
  • Storage usage information correlated to related data stores
  • Precise information about connected virtual hardware
  • Alarms related to virtual machines
  • Monitor VMware events related to certain virtual machines
  • Direct connection through links to VMRC, HTML5 UI and MOB interface

Monitoring VMware Datastores

Monitoring VMware datastores helps you understand how much storage is already being used and how much capacity is left.  The Icinga Module for vSphere gives insights into the storage utilization of every virtual machine.

An additional overview of related events provides valuable knowledge to identify occurring errors.

Store VMware Metrics in InfluxDB

The Icinga module for vSphere comes with a native integration for InfluxDB. The metrics collected by Icinga are sent with a resolution of up to 20 s directly to InfluxDB, where one or multiple InfluxDB endpoints store the data.

Automated and Integrated Server Monitoring

While getting overviews and insights is a big win, the Icinga Module for vSphere® goes further and integrates into your existing Icinga monitoring. The gathered data is used to automate detailed monitoring and embeds into the Icinga Web interface.

Combining the Icinga Module for vSphere with Icinga Director enables you to automatically import data about VMware hosts, virtual machines, data stores and compute resources directly into Icinga. That data is used by Icinga as a data source for monitoring checks and base for alerts and notifications.

Get Started with Icinga

Get going with your full-stack enterprise-ready monitoring solution. Follow the installation course for a seamless setup with Icinga.

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