Monitoring and Security

Always stay safe and secure! Icinga ensures that sensitive monitoring data is only transmitted via encrypted communication channels.

Secure communication between nodes by default
Detect, monitor and verify certificates deployed in your network
Easy certificate management with built-in tools
Integrate with log management tools for sophisticated log monitoring

Secure Communication

The data collected by a monitoring system is very sensitive. It tells a lot about your infrastructure, running services, versions, and configuration. Icinga takes data security very seriously and allows communication between nodes only via TLS/SSL. This guarantees that only trusted servers receive the data.

  • Use embedded CLI commands to handle SSL certificates
  • Create a custom Certificate Authority (CA) or use your existing one
  • Easily create and sign certificates for new servers
  • Use automation processes to simplify the workflow while remaining secure

Certificate Monitoring

A modern infrastructure contains numerous different SSL certificates. Each of them requires your attention when it comes to renewing them. Icinga automatically detects every certificate in your network and reports back all details.

  • Detect and monitor SSL certificates automatically
  • Receive alerts about certificates that will soon expire
  • Create a custom trust store to verify self-signed certificates
  • Get an overview of all certificates in one dashboard
  • Drill down into detailed information about any discovered certificate

Firewall Friendly

Icinga uses a single port to communicate with other Icinga nodes. The connection can be established by each node and it does not matter which of the nodes creates the connection. This makes it easier to create and maintain firewall rules. Additionally, this allows you to deploy Icinga Satellites and Agents to demilitarized zones (DMZ) of your network.

Log Management Integration

Log management tools such as Elasticsearch (ELK Stack) and Graylog add capabilities to monitor logs in detail. Icinga integrations with both mentioned tools enable you to run queries automatically to search for patterns.

  • Detect known failures by automated pattern searching
  • Leverage the benefits of fully blown SIEM solutions and combine them with Icinga
  • Forward data from Icinga to Elasticsearch and Graylog for enhanced log monitoring
  • Correlate monitoring data with logs for easier and faster debugging of issues

Get Started with Icinga

Get going with your full-stack enterprise-ready monitoring solution. Follow the installation course for a seamless setup with Icinga.

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