Icinga Documentation

Learn how to kickstart your Icinga installation and how to monitor your IT infrastructure.

Icinga 2

The heart of our monitoring platform with a powerful configuration language and REST API.

Icinga Web 2

A lightweight and extensible web interface to keep an eye on your environment. Analyse problems and act on them.


Configure Icinga within the web interface, import data from your existing databases and automate tasks.

Icinga for vSphere®

Get an overview over your whole VMware infrastructure. The module connects directly to vCenter to collect data.

Business Process

Create top-level views of your applications in a graphical editor. Rules express dependencies between existing hosts and services and let you alert on application level.


Icingabeat is an Elastic Beat that fetches data from the Icinga 2 API and sends it to Elasticsearch or Logstash.

Icinga for Windows

Entirely manage an Icinga 2 Agent setup and provide check plugins to fetch information from Windows hosts.

Icinga Certificate Monitoring

Icinga Certificate Monitoring keeps track of certificates as they are deployed in a network environment.

Graphite Module

The Graphite module for displays data stored in Graphite directly in the Icinga Web 2 interface.

Icinga Reporting

Icinga Reporting is the central component for reporting related functionality in the Icinga web frontend.

JIRA Module

The JIRA module connects Icinga in both directions with JIRA to create and review issues.

Elasticsearch Module

The Elasticsearch module for Icinga Web 2 embeds data from Elasticsearch directly into the web interface.


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