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Core Products

Icinga 2 Docsv2.14.2 Changelog
Icinga Web Docsv2.12.1 Changelog
Icinga DB Docsv1.2.0 Changelog
Icinga DB Web Docsv1.1.2 Changelog
Icinga Director Docsv1.11.1 Changelog


Icinga for Windows Docsv1.12.3 Changelog
Icinga Reporting Docsv1.0.2 Changelog
Icinga Cube Docsv1.3.3 Changelog
Icinga Business Process Modeling Docsv2.5.1 Changelog
Icinga Certificate Monitoring Docsv1.3.2 Changelog
Icinga vSphere® Integration Docsv1.7.1 Changelog
Icinga Web JIRA Integration Docsv1.3.4 Changelog
Icinga Web Graphite Integration Docsv1.2.4 Changelog
Icingabeat Docsv7.17.4 Changelog

Icinga for Kubernetes

Icinga for Kubernetes Docsv0.1.0 Changelog
Icinga for Kubernetes Web Docsv0.1.0 Changelog

Available with a Subscription

Icinga Director Branches Docs

Icinga Live Demo

We have several modules installed that will give you an idea about how Icinga feels in a production environment. The demo system gets automatically set to default every now and then, so don’t use it for your production environment.

Latest How-tos from the Blog

10 tips for developing an effective monitoring strategy

10 tips for developing an effective monitoring strategy

As a software developer in training at Icinga, I've learned a lot about the nuances and importance of monitoring systems. Effective monitoring is critical for maintaining the health, performance and security of any infrastructure or application. Here are ten essential...

Native Binaries with PHP

Native Binaries with PHP

There is always a big debate about whether interpreted or compiled languages are more useful. I think it is important to look at the pros and cons. Both language types have their strengths and weaknesses. While interpreted languages are great for maintaining and...

Making Use of Previous State in Icinga2 Check Commands

Making Use of Previous State in Icinga2 Check Commands

When writing a custom check plugin for Icinga 2, there are situations where in addition to observing the current state of a system, taking the past into account as well can be helpful. A common case for this is when the data source provides counter values, i.e. values...

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