Support Services

Since organizations deploy Icinga within large production environments, they encounter heightened risks when depending on communities to provide timely support and expert guidance. We deliver comprehensive support services, so that your teams can enjoy the benefits of using open source software.

Stress Less

Experience the peace of mind that comes with experts backing you up.

Receive Unbiased Help

Get personalized advice and suggestions to effectively tackle unique challenges.

Developer Access

Get a direct line to escalate issues and receive the attention you need.

Customer First

We understand how important your Icinga system is to monitor your production environment. With our customer first approach we assure to handle issues from customers with the highest priority.

No matter if you have a general question or a serious complication, we ensure to join your team via email, phone or remote session to provide a solution.

Solve Serious Problems Quickly

While no software is bug free, we ensure to provide you custom patches and packages for your Icinga system even before official releases. Whenever required you can rely on our developers and support engineers to give you access to fixes quickly and easily.

Support Levels that Suit your Needs

Not all organizations have the same support needs. With our Basic, Premium, and Enterprise support levels, you can pick the level of support that best meet your goals. We understand that each business is different, so our plans can be extended dynamically.

Response Times
1st Level
2nd Level
3rd Level8h4h2h
Amount of Conditions
Icinga Servers2510
Icinga HostsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Support CasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
24x7 Support Cases18
Contacts and Channels
Number of Contacts235
Remote Debugging
Remote Consulting Days12
Core Products
Icinga 2
Icinga Web 2
Icinga DB
Icinga Director
Icinga for Windows
Business Process Modelling
Certificate Monitoring
Module for JIRA
Module for Graphite
Module for Elasticsearch
Director Branches
Module for vSphere®Optional
Additional Services
Repository Subscription
Additional Icinga ServersOptionalOptionalOptional


In addition to the Starter plan another Icinga server and an unlimited number of Icinga hosts is supported.


In addition to the Basic plan another Icinga server, 1 advanced module and 1 day of remote consulting is included.


In addition to the Premium plan 2 more Icinga servers, all modules and 3 days of remote consulting are included.

Get the Support you Need

We collaborate with a global network of qualified channel partners who understand your requirements in and out. We will be pleased to connect you with a reseller in your region.

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