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Get help & share your knowledge

We all come across problems at some time, here are good places to ask for advice from other users and give some in return.

Monitoring Portal Forum

Talk all things Icinga with an international monitoring community.

Icinga-Users Mailing List

Discuss with community members (subscription details).

Official docs

Documentation to get you started within minutes.

Icinga Exchange

Plugin & Addon Repository

Contribute to Icinga

Icinga is an open source project and lives from your ideas, bug reports, features requests and patch contributions. Make yourself proud and help improve Icinga.

The Icinga code is hosted at GitHub – fork/clone the repositories and start your work.

Add enhancements and fix problems

Icinga 2 is written in C++. Icinga Web 2 and the modules require PHP and JS knowledge. Integrations might require additional know-how (Puppet, Ansible, Vagrant, etc.).

Our projects provide contribution guidelines. Take a look into Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 for best practices on development, tests and patches.

Developers will review your patch and request updates in case. Don’t worry – such reviews ensure that we all produce the best maintainable code and docs there is. Thank you for your contribution!

Documentation & Templates

The documentation for Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 is written using Markdown. You can easily extend the documentation online on GitHub or in your local git clone. Read more over here.

The Icinga Template Library (ITL) provides many community contributed CheckCommand definitions for monitoring plugins. This helps starting with Icinga 2 configuration far more easy. Continue reading in Icinga 2’s contributing guide.

Proceed with contributing a patch – thanks for your contribution making the live of many others more easy!

Security Disclosures

We welcome all security reports concerning any of Icinga’s products. Please visit our Security Issues page for details on reporting issues.

Icinga Sponsors

We thank the following organisations for granting us free open source project licenses to use their great software and amazing hardware to develop and test Icinga.