Application Monitoring

Applications enable you to create, work and communicate. Icinga is your reliable, ready for more monitoring solution to keep your apps up and running.

Overall functionality of all your applications via APIs
Availability and state of container-based applications
Availability, state and response time of web applications
Java Applications via JMX and MBeans
Synthetic web application requests
Extend with your own monitoring checks and plugins

Basic Application Monitoring

Even though applications differ from each other depending on their purpose, there are some common metrics that Icinga monitors for almost any application. Monitoring the basics sets a foundation and gives you an idea about the availability and state of your application, before moving forward with more detailed monitoring including:

  • State and amount of running processes
  • Availability of the application via APIs
  • Response time via APIs
  • Search for patterns in log files automatically

Web Application Monitoring

Icinga monitors web applications hosted by Apache, NGINX, IIS or any other web server. For web applications, the response type and time are some major metrics that you can monitor with Icinga. Plus, Icinga can

  • Search for patterns and evaluate the correct content
  • Check for correct HTTP headers
  • Monitor multiple virtual hosts (vHosts)
  • Get alerts for expiring SSL certificates
  • Use the health APIs of your application

Additionally, Icinga can simulate an end user by interacting with the web application to submit forms, open pages, place orders and more. Make sure your web application is always functional.

Container Monitoring

Applications running in containers come with special requirements for monitoring. Typically, container-based applications are split into microservices, where each service serves only one part of the overall application. Icinga monitors the state of containers and images and alerts you when it identifies problems.

  • Keep track of the availability and state of container platforms like Docker, Containerd, Rancher and more
  • Receive detailed metrics by leveraging the API of the container platform
  • Monitor the availability of container images and container volumes

Monitor Java Application Server

Icinga leverages the Java Management Extensions (JMX) to monitor various metrics of Java Applications. Most Java Application Servers, such as JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic, Jetty, Websphere and others come with built-in JMX support.

  • Track CPU, Memory, HeapMemory Usage and other metrics
  • Selective MBean monitoring
  • Kepp an eye on the state and number of Java processes
  • Automatically search for patterns in Java log files

Monitoring APIs

Whether it’s REST, SOAP, RPC or a different type of API, many applications come with interfaces that provide internal data about the program. Icinga connects directly to the application’s API and collects the data to monitor the internal metrics and raise alerts.

  • Connect to many different types of APIs (REST, CRUD, SOAP, RPC, …)
  • Use different protocols to handle the connection (HTTP(S), TCP, UDP, …)
  • Leverage the data provided by the application for monitoring and alerts

Get Started with Icinga

Get going with your full-stack enterprise-ready monitoring solution. Follow the installation course for a seamless setup with Icinga.

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