We are constantly updating every component of the Icinga stack to introduce fresh monitoring capabilities, novel features, and fixes for reported issues. Our overarching goal is to create a universal monitoring suite that empowers you to oversee your complete infrastructure. Explore our upcoming initiatives to find out more.

What’s up?

Our primary focus is on enhancing the robustness and reliability of Icinga for all users. Tasks to update our code and fix issues reported by customers and users accompany us every day. For each minor and major release, we define the scope upfront and create publicly available milestones.
Our major projects that will evolve Icinga and bring completely new capabilities are available on GitHub as well. Learn more about our ongoing projects to enhance Icinga Notifications and bring Kubernetes monitoring to Icinga below.

Explore current Milestones

We create milestones to plan ahead both for minor and major releases. Each milestone contains issues that we assign to build the scope for the upcoming release. We encourage you to report your issues and feature requests on GitHub! For quick access use the list below to browse the milestones for the major components of Icinga:  

Explore other modules and projects on our GitHub Profile  

Icinga Notifications

We’re currently rebuilding how you manage and receive notifications from Icinga. While it’s already possible to assign notifications to certain hosts, services, contacts and contact groups, all configurations must be done within Icinga 2.

To advance our notification capabilities, we’re developing a central component capable of utilizing not only Icinga 2 as a notification source, but also other modules like Business Process Modeling, Icinga Director, Certificate Monitoring, and more.

We’re moving various tasks and views to the web interface:

  • Manage contacts and groups
  • Visualize events, incidents, on-call duties and more
  • Create sophisticated rules to describe how notifications should behave
  • Establish dedicated channels to receive notifications


Browse on GitHub
View demo at Icinga Camp Berlin

Icinga for Kubernetes

We understand that Kubernetes environments behave differently than traditional IT infrastructure. Therefore, we take a different approach to monitor not only the components required to run a Kubernetes cluster, but also the resources running within the cluster.

With a dedicated program that can run within or outside of a Kubernetes cluster Icinga recognizes every change and every error that happens within the cluster. Instead of giving our users just access to the data and let them make sense out of it on their own, we provide dedicated views and dashboards within the Icinga web interface. This enables you to find errors very quickly and dive deep into the resources to browse events and find the cause of a problem.   Browse on GitHub View demo at Icinga Camp Berlin

Join the Icinga Summit!

The Icinga Summit is our yearly gathering where you connect with other Icinga users and developers, join interactive workshops, and learn about the latest developments from Icinga.

What’s next?

The projects listed in the section above should illustrate what is currently being built to improve and extend Icinga’s capabilities. At the same time, other research projects will enhance the overall Icinga experience and add useful features to your monitoring environment.

Visualizing Dependencies

Configuring dependencies is a powerful way to determine the network reachability of an object. Dependencies are usually used to suppress checks and notifications if a parent object is already in a problematic state. We’re currently exploring methods to store the data efficiently to provide visualizations and dashboards within the Icinga Web interface.

Notification Channels

Rethinking the way how Icinga can handle alerts and notifications as mentioned above will change the way how Icinga can integrate with third-party tools to handle those alerts. We’re aware that many of our users trust in different chat software and cloud platforms to manage the information they receive from Icinga.

We aim to create a set of official channels for Icinga Notifications to enable our users to choose how they would like to receive their notifications. Potential candidates for official integrations are MS Teams, Slack, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, OpsGenie and many more. Although we haven’t set up a prioritized list, it’s already clear to us that officially supported integrations for those platforms are necessary and beneficial for a large group of Icinga users.

What could be next?

We regularly prioritize tasks, features, and issues that need to be solved or built to make Icinga the best monitoring software possible. Although the wish list is quite long, the considerations on some topics are more advanced. Check out the candidates with the highest potential.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method enabling a user to access multiple interconnected software systems using just one set of credentials. There are various well-known methods to achieve this. Right now, Icinga only supports SSO when using an external authentication methods. We’re doing research on this field to add native SSO support for Icinga Web. Single sign-on has a high potential to make it onto the list of projects we will tackle in the future.

Additional Notes

We’re committed to communicate our progress transparently to all our users. This page is reviewed and updated regularly to reflect the current changes and updates. We invite you to participate in the development of Icinga by joining our Icinga Insiders program .

Icinga Insiders is a selected group of passionate Icinga users working hand in hand with us to elevate the Icinga experience. Our goal is to improve our software by running tests with fresh eyes, your unique perspective can help us tremendously.

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