Database Monitoring

The availability of your data, backups and the performance of databases is crucial. Keep cool, because you know Icinga alerts you on time.

Inspect the connectivity and health of your databases

Monitor distributed database setups with replicated data

Collect metrics about internal database statistics

Make sure backups are available
Check the disk and memory utilization for each database on every server
Extend monitoring by specifying custom queries to collect data

MySQL / MariaDB Monitoring

Keep up to date with your MySQL or MariaDB database servers if they are giving their best performance and if you’re getting the most out of your hardware! Monitoring your MySQL servers provides valuable information — both for avoiding and dealing with problems.

  • Check if your MySQL / MariaDB server is available and healthy
  • Report how many connection threads are currently open
  • Detect lagging replication nodes
  • Monitor performance metrics such as threadcache hitrate, querycache, bufferpool hitrate, log waits, index usage, slow queries and more
  • Store performance metrics in a time series database (TSDB) of your choice
  • Extend monitoring with custom queries and process the results

PostgreSQL Monitoring

Monitor the availability of PostgreSQL databases and get insights into detailed metrics. Icinga monitors the replication status and collects data about the capacity of databases. Simplify troubleshooting by receiving alerts and notifications on time.

  • Monitor the number of connections
  • Check the amount of bloat in tables and indexes
  • Get detailed database stats such as size, reads, commits, fetches, and countless more
  • Collect data about cache hitratio
  • Monitor the replication lag between PostgreSQL nodes
  • Have plenty of other checks and metrics available for monitoring
  • Extend monitoring by sending custom queries and process results

MSSQL Monitoring

Icinga provides dedicated checks to monitor the health of MSSQL databases and their internal metrics.

  • Observe the local Windows Service for MSSQL and connectivity of the database
  • Inspect important key counters like buffer cache hit ratio, page life expectancy and average latch wait time
  • Check the backup size, its execution time and more backup related metrics
  • Gather information by fetching particular MSSQL Performance Counters

MongoDB Monitoring

Monitoring MongoDB databases with Icinga enables you to react fast on errors and allows you to properly plan for future capacity. Icinga collects internal MongoDB statistics by directly connecting to the database.

  • Measure the connectivity of each MongoDB server
  • Check the percentage of free connections left
  • Monitor the replication lag within a MongoDB cluster
  • Collect data about memory utilization of MongoDB
  • Monitor the size of databases and indices
  • Inspect the state of collections and replica sets
  • Many more monitoring checks available

IBM DB2 Monitoring

DB2 servers often store the most business critical data of an organization. Monitoring the availability and state of DB2 databases therefore is crucial. Icinga keeps a close eye on those servers and provides detailed information about their state.

  • Monitor the availability of each IBM DB2 server
  • Check details about space usage of single databases or tables
  • Gain insights to caching hitratio and index usage
  • Monitor deadlocks, lock waits and latency
  • Inspect the availability of backups
  • Use custom sql queries to extend monitoring
  • Many more monitoring checks available

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