Icinga Module for JIRA v1.1.0

by | May 25, 2021

If your team is using Atlassians Jira and Icinga and you didn’t know about our integration yet: Our module for Jira is now at version 1.1.0 with a bunch of bugfixes and new features that were requested on the GitHub repository. Our friends from the internezzo ag helped out by sponsoring the development as well – a big THANK YOU to them!

So what’s new?


Render status badge in case there is no related icon (#39)
There was a bug that showed a broken image in the list view – this has now been replaced with the status badge of the affected object.

Use the same notification header via Web Form and CLI (#42)
Evening out the fronts between Web and CLI users we now show the same notification header for notifications from both sources.

Broken IssueDetails link has been fixed (#31#48)
Submitted by @fredericvl from the community, the pull request that fixed a broken link has been included in this release as well.

We’re sending Content-Length to make proxies happy (#51)
Another fix from the community, by @jbahillo, made it into this release. So no more warnings from Jiras proxy!



Show status for created issues (#44)
You can now see the Jira issues’ status in the Icinga Web view. Now you’ll be able to immediately tell whether there is someone on it already or not.

Allow choosing a default template (#36)
You can configure a default template in the [ui] section that pre selects this template while working with the web forms, like so:

default_template = "myTemplate"


Add configurable duedate for created JIRA issues (#37)
In your template configuration you can now also add a duedate timeperiod that will be automatically added to the time of the incident and relayed to the Jira issue. This also comes with an argument for the CLI command called --due-date.
Your workflow template might look like this now:

Task = "API"
SearchCategory = "CI"
SearchTerm = "${host}.example.com"
Activity.value = "proactive"
customfield_1232 = "Icinga"
duedate = "3 days"



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