Polishing the Icinga DB Web User Interface

by | Oct 13, 2021

When redesigning the new Icinga DB Web interface elements we already started establishing consistent design elements. This is even more supported by developing the Icinga PHP Library (IPL) from the ground up. IPL makes developing reusable widgets a lot easier for developers. For the release of Icinga DB Web RC2 we’re going the extra mile to polish many of our user interface elements.


Adding missing values

We’re adding missing values like user detail info and missing info for downtimes. We also added host and service names and addresses (IPv4/IPv6). A popular feature were icon images for objects in Icinga Web. RC 2 will now support these as well.


Clearer copy and visual differentiation in displaying values

We streamlined the display of empty values throughout all views. On the one hand we reduced contrast for empty values. This way given values stand out, it is more transparent that values aren’t given.


Polished control elements

We also improved the layout of the control elements. We’re using a grid to make them align properly. This doesn’t only make it look cleaner, but also reduces distraction. So no matter what views you are currently putting opposite to each other the control areas always look clean and tidied.


Interaction improvements

We already added the new search bar for lists, including auto completion and term suggestion. This was already a massive new feature that makes it a lot easier to filter your monitored objects. Especially new users should appreciate that, since it lowers the obstacles to get accommodated with Icinga Web’s filter syntax. In Icinga DB Web RC 2 we polished the interactions to make the search bar even more intuitive to use.


Small details add up to a better user experience

There are more smaller changes and optimizations. Most of them may seem like small details. But in the end they add up to build a better and more reliable experience when navigating the web interface for Icinga DB. Our goal is to provide a higher quality user experience to make Icinga Web not only more efficient but also more enjoyable to use.

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