Server Monitoring

Servers come in many different shapes and sizes – on-premise and in the cloud. Icinga is your powerful, all-embracing monitoring solution to monitor them all!

Monitor any type of server
Agent-based or agentless monitoring
Monitor many different operating systems with one tool
Monitor the hardware of physical servers
View your distributed infrastructure in one interface
Extend with your own monitoring checks and plugins


Monitoring the availability of servers is crucial and gives you quick feedback about the general availability of your machines. Icinga monitors the connectivity of servers with Ping checks by default. Server connectivity monitoring can be extended by monitoring SSH, TCP, UDP, RDP or any other service that is accessible over the network.

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System Resources

Icinga accesses the local resources of your servers and monitors all aspects of the system.

Services and Processes
Utilization of Disks
Server Load
Utilization of Memory (RAM)
Specific OS Parameters
Logged in Users
Logfiles and Eventlog
Cronjobs and Scheduled Tasks
Available Updates
Health of Applications
Anything else Icinga can access

Operating Systems

Depending on your operating system you may choose either the Icinga Agent, or agentless monitoring via SSH.


By monitoring the utilization of resources, Icinga gives you insights about the capacity of your servers. Icinga alerts you if defined thresholds are exceeded. This enables you to react fast and respond before greater problems occur. You can intervene before disks run out of space, servers run out of memory, or an increased load leads to unresponsiveness of servers.

Store the metrics in a time series database (TSDB) of your choice. The visualization of historical data with graphs and charts helps you identify trends and patterns.

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Types of Servers

Monitor your heterogenous infrastructure with a single monitoring tool. Understand the context and navigate efficiently across different parts of your network.

Icinga supports you with the monitoring of different types of servers.

File Servers

Monitor network file storage from enterprise vendors such as NetApp, Dell or EMC2 and others. You can even monitor your self-constructed storage systems built with Ceph, GlusterFS, XFS or other technologies.

Application Servers

Your business relies on essential application servers that ensure smooth operations at any time. Icinga monitors your DNS servers, Tomcat servers, Apache servers, Mail servers, IIS and anything else that’s running on your machines. Check out our dedicated page for Application Monitoring

Web Servers

Web servers such as NGINX or Apache provide detailed information about their current health state and utilization. Icinga leverages this data to notify you about errors and capacity.

Database Servers

Whether it’s MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB or other database servers, Icinga collects detailed information about database servers and their usage. Get more details how Icinga supports you with monitoring databases on our page for Database Monitoring.

Mail Servers

Make sure you can always communicate with customers and co-workers by monitoring your mail servers. Icinga keeps an eye on the correct functionality of SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and Microsoft Exchange servers.

Proxy Servers

The proxy server is the gateway to the internet or certain parts of your network for your users. It is a central piece of your infrastructure; each downtime has a significant effect on the business. Icinga inspects different types of proxy servers, such as Squid and alerts you if something is misbehaving.

Hardware Monitoring

Running and maintaining physical servers requires a special awareness for the server hardware. Most server vendors provide a dedicated management interface which can be used to monitor the temperature, fans, network interfaces and other hardware-specific parameters.

The open standards IPMI and Redfish are commonly used by server vendors to provide access to hardware information over the network. Icinga monitors the hardware remotely and notifies you when thresholds are exceeded.

Environmental Monitoring



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