Monitoring at Scale

Be ready for an increasing demand to monitor the new, the great, the growing. Icinga is your monitoring solution to scale simply with future requirements.

Build a failsafe monitoring environment with built-in high availability

Manage the monitoring configuration at a single point

Distribute the monitoring load across many Icinga nodes

Monitor multiple physical or virtual datacenters

Allow your monitoring to grow flexibly as your infrastructure gets bigger

Use Icinga Agents to get access to metrics for local resources

High Availability

A single Icinga node can monitor thousands of devices and report about unexpected failures. By combining two nodes with the included cluster mechanisms, you are prepared for failures.

Icinga allows you to connect two separate Icinga nodes with each other. Both nodes end up in an Icinga zone and distribute the load across both servers automatically. In case one of them fails or requires a planned downtime, the other one takes over.

Managing the configuration remains simple and efficient at one single point. Changes to the monitoring configuration are handled by one of the Icinga servers and synchronized automatically to the other.

Distributed Monitoring

Two Icinga nodes can be combined into one zone to create a high availability setup and distribute the load. To spread the load efficiently and handle the monitoring checks for large organizations, more than two nodes are required.

​Icinga connects multiple zones together by creating parent-child relationships. The configuration management remains on a single node to allow easy handling. The configuration is synchronized automatically to other child zones, called “Satellites”.

You define at the top which monitoring check should be executed within which zone. The monitoring load gets distributed to different network segments, datacenters and geographical locations.

The collected monitoring results are automatically sent to parent nodes, which leads to centralized handling of results for alerts and visualization in the web interface.

Agent-based Monitoring

Icinga runs on many different operating systems and acts as an agent to collect local resource information. Whether it’s the server load, running processes, CPU, memory or anything else you need to know about your servers’ internals. Icinga collects relevant metrics by executing plugins locally and reporting back to its parent node.

The Icinga Agent receives its configuration through the built-in cluster from its parent. The connection is secured with TLS/SSL by default.

Firewall Friendly

Icinga uses a single port to communicate with other Icinga nodes. The connection can be established by each node and it does not matter which of the nodes creates the connection. This makes it easier to create and maintain firewall rules. Additionally, this allows you to deploy Icinga Satellites and Agents to demilitarized zones (DMZ) of your network.

Get Started with Icinga

Get going with your full-stack enterprise-ready monitoring solution. Follow the installation course for a seamless setup with Icinga.

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