Releasing Icinga Director v1.8.1

by | Jul 13, 2021

We are happy to announce the release of Icinga Director v1.8.1! The release includes many fixes in the UI but also increases the stability of Icinga Director in general. Even though it is not required, we do recommend to update to this version of Icinga Director if you’re using Icinga Web v2.9.0.


User Interface

  • FIX: show Override button when all Fields belong to Field Categories (#2303)
  • FIX: don’t fail when showing a Host overriding multiple inherited groups (#2253)
  • FIX: deal with inherited values which are invalid for a select box (#2288)
  • FIX: Service Set preview inline Service Template links (#2334)
  • FIX: show Services applied with Rules involving applied Hostgroups (#2313)
  • FIX: show “deactivated” services as such also for read-only users (#2344)
  • FIX: Overrides for Services belonging to Sets on root Host Templates (#2333)
  • FIX: show no header tabs for search result in web 2.8+ (#2141)
  • FIX: show and link dependencies for web 2.9+ (#2354)


Icinga Configuration

  • FIX: rare race condition, where generated config might miss some files (#2351)


Icinga API

  • FIX: use Icinga 2’s generate-ticket API, required for v2.13.0 (#2348)


Import and Sync

  • FIX: Purge didn’t remove more than 1000 services at once (#2339)


Automation, User Interface

  • FIX: error message wording on failing related (or parent) object ref (#2224)



  • FIX: creating scheduled downtime via api failed (#1879)

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