The Icinga Stack

It takes just a few steps to be successful in all the different areas of monitoring. 

Why Monitoring?

Monitoring is important to build a strong and global evidence base for targeted actions. You establish it through systematic and routine collection and analysis of the data of your systems. Timely error identification and smart error prevention increase your IT availability and stability.

Icinga Stack Explained

Across your entire infrastructure, Icinga gives you the power to watch any host and any application. It’s for detailed analysis as well as for quick actions. It’s for drawing conclusions and gaining confidence.

The 6-in-1 Stack

The Icinga stack spans six areas to cover all aspects of monitoring your entire infrastructure.

Your Infrastructure

Your infrastructure produces a constant stream of data about its health and performance. Your task is to work with that data to know the state of everything at all times and keeping your systems up and running.

Connect and Observe

Connect your whole landscape with the Icinga Stack and get full visibility. Monitor your data center as well as your private, public, or hybrid clouds – all in one monitoring system.

Visualize and Understand

Collect, store and visualize metrics on the way. Create business processes and reports for different aspects to discover relations and patterns. Filter servers/VMs to get dedicated insights and build your own customized dashboards.

Get Notified

Notifications guarantee a timely recognition of critical operating states. Icinga notifies you through any channel you want. Email, Slack, PagerDuty or else: Alerts pave the way to a wholesome incident management and recovery process.


The larger the number of objects to be checked the more effort is required. Icinga is built to monitor thousands of servers and services, and masters ways to automate all areas of it.


Icinga collects and sends data from and to many of your existing DevOps tools, enabling you to create a tailored monitoring solution that fits your needs.

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Icinga for Enterprises

The Icinga Stack is an enterprise-ready monitoring solution that integrates easily. Combine high availability clusters with a distributed setup for massive amounts of data and boundless freedom.

Single Icinga

One single Icinga instance can already deal with a large amount of servers. Icinga comes with a built-in cluster mechanism that spreads the workload of your monitoring checks across multiple servers.

High Availability

Connect two Icinga nodes into one zone to increase reliability. With this high available Icinga setup you are well prepared for failures.

Workload Distribution

Manage massive amounts of monitoring objects by connecting additional nodes to distribute the load. We call them Satellites.

Large Infrastructure

Monitor thousands of machines of your large, heterogeneous and distributed environment. Collect data from specific network segments and classify your monitoring.

Icinga Agents

Use Icinga as an Agent on your machines to monitor local resources. The Icinga Agent goes easy on resources and reports results automatically.

These Brands Trust Us

We are proud to have gained the trust of many customers and users around the globe. Over the last years, they have made Icinga part of their infrastructure.

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Do more with Icinga

Bring the speed, scale, and relevance of Icinga to all areas of your business.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Observe your entire IT in one place.
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Monitoring Automation

Monitor massive amounts of data.
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Cloud Monitoring

Monitor the private, the public and hybrid.
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Metrics & Logs

Get the context and recognize trends.
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Analyze your data and perform proactively.
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Get alerted and react with confidence.
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