ITSM Integration

Stick to your preferred tool landscape! Icinga is your flexible monitoring solution that integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures.

Use existing data to feed Icinga with configurations

Track all changes and roll back at any time

Automate workflows and integrate with existing processes

Connect with Jira and other issue tracking and ticketing systems

Pick the best option to maintain monitoring configuration

Build custom integrations with almost anything in your environment

Leverage Existing Data

Monitoring every piece of an infrastructure requires a lot of perseverance and discipline. Icinga reduces the error rate due to missing information by connecting to existing databases and fetching available information.

No matter if it is a CMDB, private cloud, public cloud or a custom-built internal tool that holds the information about your physical and virtual servers. Icinga collects the data automatically and converts it to a valid monitoring configuration, with many options to transform the information and create an optimal workflow that fits your organization.

  • Import server information, such as name, IP address, device ID and other
  • Synchronize contacts for alerts with Active Directory or LDAP
  • Automatically monitor services based on collected server metadata
  • Integrate with automated workflows for data import, synchronization and configuration deployment
  • Track every single change and roll back at any time


Integrate with External Platforms

External platforms provide value to your operations team by handling specific daily tasks. Whether it’s incident management, data collection, correlation of data or asset management. Icinga connects to many different platforms and embeds the monitoring process in your daily workflows.

  • Connect Icinga with incident management tools such as PagerDuty, OpsGenie, VictorOps and more
  • Synchronize Icinga’s monitoring data with ServiceNow
  • Attach Icinga to public cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure or GCP
  • Create custom integrations by using Icinga’s open APIs
  • Learn more about available Icinga integrations

Connect your Ticketing System

Emails are not always sufficient to track alerts and errors for critical infrastructure. Especially for teams a ticketing system is indispensable. Icinga can send notifications directly to your existing ticketing system and resolve the issue automatically once the problem is solved.

The Icinga Web interface provides direct links to relevant tickets in your systems, so you don’t have to search for them.

Integrate with Jira

The Icinga integration with Jira allows you to send notifications directly to Atlassian’s Jira Software. Icinga creates a Jira issue either for all, or only for some of your Icinga hosts and services.

The Icinga Web interface gives a quick overview over all Jira issues created by Icinga, so you don’t have to switch tools. The overview includes information about the related project, the issue type and its current state. Additionally, you can see the description and all comments within the issue. For quick access, direct links to Jira Software are embedded.

Integrate with Digital Workflows

Icinga comes with multiple options to maintain its configuration, giving you the choice on how to integrate it with existing processes and workflows.

You choose your preferred way to configure Icinga whether it’s through plain configuration files, configuration management tools (via the web interface) or with automated tasks to pull data from third party databases. Icinga does not force you to change your existing workflows. On the contrary, it integrates flawlessly into your infrastructure and extends it with more options.


Integrate with your Self-made Tools

Icinga provides APIs and many other ways to create custom scripts, modules and features. Whether it’s custom dashboards, ticketing systems, event hubs, CMDBs or something else. There are almost no limits when it comes to connecting Icinga with your existing tools.

Get Started with Icinga

Get going with your full-stack enterprise-ready monitoring solution. Follow the installation course for a seamless setup with Icinga.

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