Environmental Monitoring

Temperature, humidity, power: Icinga is your monitoring solution with a sense for sensors. Let’s not leave anything to burn!

While you monitor what happens within your servers and systems, it is also essential to observe the environment where your hardware is located. Icinga monitors the temperature, humidity, power and many more environmental metrics with the support of external hardware sensors.

Monitor any Hardware Sensor

By monitoring the temperature of your whole datacenter and each single rack, you gain insight about the changes before the systems overheat. Humidity plays an important role as well, maintaining an optimal level can prevent costly repairs.

Smoke detectors spot potential fires in their area. If thresholds are exceeded, Icinga alerts you immediately so you can take action.

Adding sensors to monitor the door contact can play an important role to comply with your security practices. For example, Icinga can alert you if doors are opened outside of business hours.

Icinga monitors the level of a sensor probe either via SNMP or by fetching data from APIs. Therefore, you can basically monitor any type of sensor if it exposes the data.

Get Started with Icinga

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