Windows Monitoring

Windows servers are used by enterprises to serve countless applications and services. Icinga monitors every important parameter. Check!

Agent-based or agentless monitoring

Monitor MSSQL servers in detail

Monitor the basics of every Windows server

Check the availability and state of Windows clusters and shared volumes

Private cloud monitoring for
Hyper-V environments

Extend with your own monitoring checks and plugins

Monitoring Windows Servers

Icinga monitors every important aspect of your Windows server. The monitoring checks may be either executed with the Icinga Agent or agentless. Icinga for Windows comes with a variety of monitoring plugins built with PowerShell, which ensures an easy and straight-forward installation.

Icinga accesses the local resources of your Windows servers and monitors:

  • Availability, utilization and state of disks
  • Utilization of specific partitions
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Eventlog occurrences of a given type
  • Status of the firewall
  • Network interfaces and status of interface teams
  • Windows performance counter
  • CPU, memory, threads and pagefile usage of specific processes
  • Status of Windows tasks
  • Services and their state
  • Availability, utilization and state of a StoragePool
  • Available Windows updates

Many more monitoring checks for Windows servers are available. Check out the full list of Basic Plugins.

Monitoring Windows Cluster

Failover clustering for Windows servers ensures high availability for your services and prevents outages. Icinga monitors Windows clusters and ensures you are notified if single nodes or resources run into a failed state. In detail, Icinga closely tracks:

  • the state and availability of a cluster service
  • the cluster network
  • the state of each cluster node and resources
  • the availability, state and available space of cluster shared volumes

Monitoring Hyper-V

Monitoring Microsoft Hyper-V ensures your private cloud is available und functional at all times. Icinga for Windows comes with dedicated monitoring plugins to monitor every important aspect of your Hyper-V environment.

  • The general availability, state and health of the server
  • CPU, RAM and storage overcommitment 
  • Age, disk space, count and file size of VM snapshots
  • State of a virtual switch as well as virtual machines

Additionally, Icinga monitors the virtual machines running on your Hyper-V servers. Learn more about Server Monitoring

Permissions with JEA Profiles

JEA allows you to limit the access to certain Cmdlets, functions and binaries on your Windows server. In addition, you can grant additional privileges to users to perform tasks, which are permitted to administrators only in general.

Icinga for Windows supports JEA profiles and provides all required tools to build a profile based on installed Icinga components.

MSSQL Monitoring

MSSQL is the defacto standard database solution for Windows servers. Icinga monitors MSSQL databases and provides detailed insights. Alerts enable you to react fast and resolve occurring problems. Icinga keeps an eye on:

  • all MSSQL services and the connection to each instance
  • resource usage
  • the status of MSSQL backups
  • specific Windows Perf Counters related to MSSQL

Get Started with Icinga

Get going with your full-stack enterprise-ready monitoring solution. Follow the installation course for a seamless setup with Icinga.

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