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How to set up High-Availability Masters

How to set up High-Availability Masters

When getting started using Icinga 2, it is often enough to use a single master instance. But if your monitoring is business critical, you don't want to rely on a single master being online. This post will guide you through setting up Icinga 2 with two masters in HA...

Exporting Data from Icinga Web 2

Exporting Data from Icinga Web 2

Today we will talk about exporting data (such as hosts and services) from Icinga Web 2 into various formats.   Exporting From the UI You have probably already seen the drop-down in the upper left corner of a list? If you hover there with your mouse or focus it by...

Introducing the redesigned Check Statistics widget

Introducing the redesigned Check Statistics widget

Those of you, who’ve already tried out the Web Interface for Icinga DB might have noticed the redesigned layout of the check execution statistics section in a monitoring object’s detail view. For all the others: Learn about it in this post. On first hand we wanted to...

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Latest Releases

Icinga 2.11.4

Today we are releasing the 2.11.4 bugfix release. This version fixes a crash during a heartbeat timeout with clients not yet signed. It also resolves an issue with endpoints not reconnecting after a reload/deploy, which caused a lot of UNKNOWN states. Bugfixes Cluster...

Releasing Icinga Web v2.8.0

Today we're announcing the general availability of Icinga Web v2.8.0. Besides the compatibility with IcingaDB, this release includes fixes for access controls, support for newer PHP and MySQL versions and additional search functionality. Icinga Web 2.8-RC1 was part of...

Icinga for Windows – v1.1.0 Release

Today we are proud to announce the next major release of Icinga for Windows: Version 1.1.0. Besides new core features that we added to the Framework itself, we also provide additional components to extend the features of our solution. Thanks to the increased usage in...

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Have you been to the Icinga Community Forum yet? The community forum is a place where you can meet and chat with other Icinga users. It’s hosted by Icinga and moderated by both the Icinga team and members of the community. It’s mostly being used as a platform to ask...

docker-compose Icinga

Alex has already shed some light on how we created the Icinga DB docker image and that it is actually available for testing. In addition, we now have docker images for Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2. Since we are interested in feedback on all of them, I have created a...