Releasing Icinga Director v1.11

by | Oct 25, 2023

You may have noticed that, during the last few weeks, we released a bunch of new versions for different components of our stack. It’s a very exciting time of the year for us, since we’re currently finishing work that we have done through the last months. Today, we’re announcing another release: The general availability of Icinga Director v1.11! This new version ships with nice new features, which has been requested by many users. Check out the full changelog for all details.


Managing Notifications

With the latest version of Icinga Director it’s now possible to let Notification Rules pick Users and/or Groups from Host and Service custom variable. This comes in very handy if you’re configuring the receivers of alerts directly in Host- and Service Objects. In the background, some Icing DSL assures that Icinga behaves as expected.


Handling with Zones

To improve security for those relying on default settings, all Host templates are now per default rendered to all non-global Zones in a redundant way, instead of being rendered to the main global zone. For those who want to store Secrets in their Host template definitions, this now hinders them from reaching your Agent Endpoints. In addition to this, with this release you now have more control over target Zones for Services belonging to Service Sets, some issues related to permissions and restrictions have been addressed.


Improved automated Imports

Various little Import and Sync issues have been addressed, automated Service Template import has been fixed. In addition to some minor Property modifier improvements, they can now be applied in a conditional way. Such filter rules also support CIDR notation. Most prominent use-case: as Icinga vSphere Integration now ships ALL guest IP addresses, you can pick specific addresses for specific use-cases based on their network range.


Plenty of small Fixes

This release now officially supports PHP 8.2, addresses issues when integrating with the Icinga DB Web module, and some dark-mode glitches. Search functionality has been improved, Preview Diff shows more details, editing multiple single Services with the very same name has been fixed and the interactive Startup Log renderer now wraps log lines in a nice way. Performance has greatly been improved for those, who trigger a lot of single API requests, instead of relying on Import/Sync mechanism. Our template usage overview now also summarises and links objects used in Services belonging to Service Sets.


Breaking Changes

Module and system dependencies have been raised, Upgrading and Installation documentations contain related details.

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