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Installing Icinga Director

The recommended way to install Icinga Director and its dependencies is to use prebuilt packages for all supported platforms from our official release repository. Please note that Icinga Web is required to run Icinga Director and if it is not already set up, it is best to do this first.

The following steps will guide you through installing and setting up Icinga Director.

To upgrade an existing Icinga Director installation to a newer version, see the upgrading documentation for the necessary steps.

If you want to automate the installation, configuration and upgrade, you can learn more about it in the automation section of this documentation.

Optional Requirements

The following requirements are not necessary for installation, but may be needed later if you want to import from one of the listed sources:

  • For IBM Db2 imports: php-pdo-ibm
  • For Microsoft SQL Server imports: php-mssql, php-pdo-dblib or php-sybase depending on your platform
  • For Oracle Database imports: php-oci8 or php-pdo-oci depending on your platform
  • For SQLite imports: php-pdo-sqlite