Nagios is forked: Icinga is unleashed

by | May 6, 2009

A group of leading Nagios protagonists including members of the Nagios Community Advisory board and creators of multiple Nagios Addons have launched Icinga – a fork of Nagios, the prevalent open source monitoring system. This independent project strives to be more responsive to user requests and faster in software development through the support of a broader developer community.
The new open source monitoring system will be fully compatible with its predecessor, retaining all the existing Nagios features while adding new features requested by the Nagios user community. Long standing bugs will be removed and improvements will be made, especially for the database integration alongside a standardised API to simplify the integration of 3rd party addons. Icinga will also be developed to include an improved functionality in large and complex environments.
Built on proven technologies and concepts as well as progressive frameworks and standards, Icinga is a product of the community – their ideas, needs and combined passion for innovation.
Icinga takes all the great features of Nagios and combines it with the feature requests and patches of the user community. These modifications hail direct from the community and are supported by the concrete experiences of those involved in customer projects.
The first releases are expected for the end of May. The first stable Version is scheduled for October 28th.

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