Icinga Web 2

Fast. Light. Extendable.


Icinga Web 2 is built to respond fast to your requests. The web application comes in clean and reduced design. The responsive design enables you to view it even on small devices.


Various modules extend the capabilities of Icinga Web 2. The framework is built to give you easy access to create your own modules and themes.


Numerous authentication backends allow you to identify your users from multiple sources, including MySQL/PostgreSQL, LDAP and Active Directory.


Create custom views by grouping multiple panels to one dashboard. Dashboards are designed to support you at your daily tasks and make your life easier.


Discover past state changes of hosts and services and retrace each notification, downtime and acknowledgement.


A fine grained permission model makes sure your users get the only access they need. Permission roles may be applied to groups or users directly.

Icinga Web 2 CLI

icingacli is a command line utility, allowing the admin to configure Icinga Web 2 and provides the possibility to query Icinga data from your shell. All modules of Icingaweb2 can add additional commands to the icingacli.

The demo shows some basic commands from the icingacli monitoring module like listing and filtering for hosts, services and states.


Extend it with modules