Graphite is a collection of tools that can receive, store and publicize time series data. The main purpose of Graphite is to gain visibility to your host level and application level metrics. Metrics are gathered by various collectors and transferred to Graphite. The easy to use APIs make it painless to build more tools on top of the stack.

Graphite Feature

The Icinga 2 Graphite feature can be enabled on each Icinga 2 installation. It parses performance data collected by check plugins and forwards the data to Graphite for long term storage. The feature is easy to configure and allows the configuration of high available Graphite clusters.

Graphite Module

The Icinga Web 2 Graphite Module extends the web interface with graphs from data stored in Graphite. The graphs are displayed on each detail view page of  hosts and services that store their metrics to Graphite. You can choose to build your own templates to adjust the look and feel of every graph.