Grafana is a visualization tool that lets you create graphs from multiple data sources, such as Graphite, InfluxDB, Prometheus and many more. Grafana has it’s advantages especially in the numerous options to visualize data and leverage functionality of the chosen data source. Grafana provides an authentication and authorization layer on top of time series databases.

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Grafana Module

The Icinga Web 2 module for Grafana was created and is maintained by the Icinga community, particularly by Mikesch-mp. The module displays certain dashboard panels in the detail view of a host or service. These panels have to be pre-confiugred in Grafana, however the module comes with a default dashboard that you can easily import. The Icinga Web 2 module for Grafana provides lots of options that let you configure its behaviour.

Grafana Dashboards

Grafana offers a platform on to share and spread dashboards. You can filter for Icinga as collector to get an overview of all Icinga related dashboards created by users. Shared dashboards are a great way to get started with Icinga in combination with Grafana. Once imported, they can be adjusted and improved to fit your exact needs.