Icinga Web 2 Modules


Enhance your daily tasks and add power to Icinga Web 2 with additional functionality and features


Connect to your favourite tools and use them in combination with the Icinga web interface


Adapt your needs by changing the appearance and behaviour of all elements

Officially supported modules


Icinga Director

The Director aims to be your new favourite Icinga config deployment tool. Director is designed for those who want to automate their configuration deployment and those who want to grant their “point & click” users easy access to the monitoring configuration.


x509 Module

The X.509 module for Icinga keeps track of certificates as they are deployed in a network environment. It does this by scanning networks for TLS services and collects whatever certificates it finds along the way. The certificates are verified using its own trust store.

Icinga for vSphere®

The easiest way to monitor a VMware vSphere environment. Configure a connection to your VMware vCenter® or VMware ESXi™ host and you’re ready to go. This module provides a lot of context, deep insight and great oversight. Fast drill-down possibilities, valuable hints and reports.


Business Process

Create top-level views of your applications in a graphical editor. Rules express dependencies between existing hosts and services and let you alert on application level. Business processes are displayed in a tree or list overview and can be added to any dashboard.


The Cube lets you filter hosts and services by more then one custom variable and display the results in multiple dimensions. The frontend allows you to add and flip dimensions interactively. The resulting panels can be added to any dashboard to present the most accurate view of a certain environment.



Add graphs from your Graphite metrics backend directly into the host/service detail view. This module also provides a new menu section with two general overviews for hosts and services. In order to present you with beautiful graphs the module also comes with a feature rich template language, and pre-defined templates to suit your most common checks.



A host is down and you cannot SSH to view the latest log events? Elastic Stack to the rescue. All logs and events stored in Elasticsearch can be integrated into the host detail view. Configurable event types and filters help to analyse systems and correlate your monitoring with (log) events. Lists can be searched, filtered and documents have their own detail view. This module also supports ES instances behind an HTTP proxy with basic auth and TLS.


Generic TTS

Generic TTS implements Icinga Web 2’s ticket hook for replacing ticket patterns with links to your trouble ticket system (TTS). Icinga Web 2’s core module monitoring for example uses the ticket hook for acknowledgements, downtimes and comments. Other modules may use the ticket hook for all kinds of text too.

Community Modules


Embed graphs from one of the most popular visualisation tools Grafana. Your pre-defined graphs are displayed directly at the corresponding host or service page. Lots of configuration options enable you to tweak the behaviour of the module.This module is maintained by our community member Carsten!


Locate your servers and data centers on a map rendered with Openstreetmap. Each host provides a custom action to jump directly into the maps view. Each host also lists services and adds the configured coordinates. There is a general overview as well as the possibility to add custom map dashlets. This module is maintained by our community member Nicolai!


PNP is a very popular RRD based graphic add-on for Icinga. This module allows you to access the full featured PNP detail are, including the zoom and basket feature. The overview graphs are integrated to each host and service page.