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by | Dec 6, 2023

Building open source software comes with the great benefit of receiving feedback constantly from our users and community. In our public code repositories on GitHub we collect bugs and feature requests. With our community forum we provide a platform for Icinga users to exchange their knowledge and share their practices, certainly we participate in those discussions as well. We recently started an initiative to involve our community better in the future development of new products and features for the Icinga stack. We introduce: Icinga Insiders.

Developer blindness …

… refers to a phenomenon where a programmer or software developer becomes so immersed in their own code or project that they overlook potential issues, mistakes, or alternative solutions.
It’s something pretty much everyone who develops software falls prey to. It’s a bit like being too close to a painting to see the whole picture.
In order to combat this and make a better experience for our users, we need your help!


What is Icinga Insiders?

The Icinga Insiders are a group of users that would like to help us with improving our products. They will occasionally receive invitations to participate in new developments and improvements that we are working on.In order to improve Icinga we want to try to leverage the fresh perspectives and unique insights of our users.


How Does It Work?

As an Insider, you’ll actively participate in usability tests and surveys, providing valuable feedback that directly influences the development of the software. Your fresh eyes and unique perspective can significantly contribute to making Icinga even better. As a member of the Icinga Insiders community, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to participate in usability tests and discussions with our development team. This means you’ll be among the first to explore new features, navigate updated interfaces, and provide feedback on specific aspects of Icinga. Your will help ensure that the changes align with user needs and expectations and make Icinga easier to access, understand and use.


Join Icinga Insiders Today!

If you’re passionate about Icinga and eager to play a role in shaping its future, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Take the first step towards becoming an Icinga Insider by completing the form from the link below. Your unique perspective could be the missing piece we need to make Icinga the best it can be.

Join Icinga Insiders Now

Together, let’s elevate the Icinga experience and ensure it continues to meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse and dedicated user community. Join Icinga Insiders – where your voice matters!

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