Releasing Icinga DB 1.1.1

by | Aug 9, 2023

We are happy to announce the release of Icinga DB version 1.1.1, whose packages are generally available on supported operating systems today.

With this release, we address a number of bugs in the Icinga DB daemon, some of which caused a few crashes, we address some shortcomings in the database schema to improve sorting and to allow for longer names for notification objects, and we improve upon the behaviour of the provided Icinga DB Migration tool, icingadb-migrate, to handle malformed events missing crucial information and other edge cases more reliably.

Since this release includes an upgrade to the database schema, please focus your attention to the Upgrading Icinga DB documentation.

The recommended way to perform the upgrade is to stop the Icinga DB daemon, apply the database schema upgrade and then start the new Icinga DB daemon version. It is necessary to apply the 1.1.1.sql upgrade script to your database, which can be found depending on your database type at /usr/share/icingadb/schema/pgsql/upgrades/1.1.1.sql or
/usr/share/icingadb/schema/mysql/upgrades/1.1.1.sql for package installations. This schema upgrade will change the history table, which can take some time depending on the size of the table and the performance of the database, furthermore, it will lock the table, which will render the table inaccessible for the time of the upgrade.


Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fix a possible crash when the Icinga 2 heartbeat is lost. #559
  • Retry additional non-fatal database errors. #593 #583
  • Make heartbeat compatible with Percona XtraDB Cluster. #609
  • Write a hint for empty arrays/dicts into customvar_flat for Icinga DB Web. #601
  • Warn about unknown options in the daemon config file. #605 #631
  • Don’t log a port number for UNIX socket addresses. #542
  • Fix some custom JSON encode functions for null values. #612


  • Allow longer names for notification objects. #584
  • Add missing indices to hostgroupservicegroup, and customvar_flat. #616 #617
  • Change sort order of history event types. #626


  • Ignore events that miss crucial information. #551
  • Fix a foreign key error for flapping history with ido.from set. #554
  • Fix a constraint violation for flexible downtimes that never started. #623
  • Show an error for unknown options in the config file. #605

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