Icinga 2 Advanced Training – Monitoring redesigned

by | Oct 26, 2022

If you have some experience with Icinga 2 or you already visited the Icinga 2 Fundamentals training you are in the right place. I am about to give you a small introduction into Icinga 2 Advanced training, since I recently visited this training myself.

I already visited the Icinga 2 Fundamentals in July so it was about time to continue with the advanced one.


The training targeted ‘advanced’ Icinga 2 topics, addons and plugins and configuration of Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 in combination with the Icinga Director. The training focussed on the distributed and high available architecture of Icinga 2, as well as the automation of the configuration using the import capabilities of the Director.

Some of the topics were:
Different Icinga components visualised

Different Icinga components visualised

  • Introduction to (availability) monitoring and the Icinga project
  • Recap of Icinga basics Distributed monitoring with Satellites and Agents
  • Hands-on the Map and the Cube module
  • High availability with a Multi-Master setup
  • Icinga Web authentication and authorization added LDAP
  • Graphing with Graphite and InfluxDB in combination with Grafana
  • Icinga 2 API
  • Icinga Reporting

The Advanced training also took place online in a Big Blue Button room. Right at the start we are introduced to our trainer and we also shortly introduced ourselves; who we are and the experience we already have with Icinga.

Just like in the Fundamentals training we were each provided with some virtual machines. After every theoretical part there was a practical one and we used the virtual machines to work on the labs.

The small group of the participants makes it very easy to ask for help if you get stuck in a lab or to just ask questions in general. The mix of the theoretical and practical part, the demonstration and the independent working on the labs make this course engaging and more memorable.


The trainings are available in German and English and they take place either online or on-site. Here you can find the Upcoming Trainings and a detailed list of the topics.

You can also check out the blog post that Feu wrote about the Fundamentals Training.

Personal Thoughts

I’ve been gaining some experience with Icinga through my apprenticeship. Personally I’ve mostly been working on the Icinga Reporting module which also got introduced in the training. Even though learning by doing is important in IT, why not make it even easier for yourself and get some professional guidance especially about more advanced topics?

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