Training Content

You will gain in-depth knowledge about the Open Source monitoring software Icinga, its add-ons as well as the monitoring of modern IT infrastructure.

Icinga Fundamentals Training

This training provides the basic knowledge for the basic use and configuration of Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 in combination with the Icinga Director. This is illustrated in more detail with the help of many practical exercises, practical examples and the conveyance of best practices. The structure and use of the Icinga 2 DSL is also discussed in detail, so that the foundation for a safe and confident use of Icinga is laid. Various operating systems and network devices are monitored, many different types of checks are handled and notifications, dependencies and business processes are created for them.

An introduction to Icinga

  • Introduction to (availability) monitoring and the Icinga project
  • Historical development of Icinga
  • Basic introduction to Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and the Icinga Director

Icinga remote clients

  • Agent-based monitoring of Linux and Windows systems
  • Icinga for Windows and use of the Icinga PowerShell components
  • Icinga 2 Agent as remote node and command execution bridge
  • Background to certificate issuance, endpoints and zones
  • Exemplary monitoring of network devices using SNMP
  • Troubleshooting & scenario discussion

Configuration basics and best practices

  • Overview of the Icinga 2 configuration language
  • Understanding and using Check Commands and the Icinga Template Library
  • Basic configuration and grouping of Hosts
  • Different types of check plugins
  • Definition and assignment of various Service checks based on Service Apply Rules
  • Passive checks and check freshness
  • Check commands and plugin integration by example
  • Grouping of services through Service groups and Service sets
  • Configuration of notifications and escalations
  • In-depth use and configuration of Icinga Web
  • Health checks and self-monitoring

Icinga Advanced Training

Distributed Monitoring and High Availability

  • Generation of SSL CA and certificates
  • Cluster configuration including zone model for permissions
  • Cluster health checks and configuration synchronisation
  • Master-Checker and High-Availability by practical example
  • Discuss scenarios and possible design problems

Database and Java Monitoring

  • Overview of scenarios and check plugins
  • Monitoring MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MSSQL databases
  • Installation and Configuration of plugins
  • Java Application Monitoring
  • Java Monitoring Extensions (JMX) Overview
  • Jolokia and JMX4Perl by practical example

Configuration and API

  • Icinga 2 REST API
  • Web based configuration with Icinga Director

Log Monitoring

  • Scenario and plugins overview
  • Plugins by example (e.g. check_logfiles)
  • Centralized solution by practical example (Logstash)

VMWare Monitoring

  • Available check plugins
  • VMWare Perl SDK

Real time Monitoring with Graphite

  • Add real-time checks to Icinga 2
  • Enable the GraphiteWriter feature
  • Discuss possible use-case scenarios