Today we celebrate Icinga’s 5th birthday and 5 incredible years. We have come a long way from a young fork in 2009, with aspirations to improve upon Nagios. Today we are at the cusp of releasing a complete rewrite, Icinga 2 beta and a new-concept interface Icinga Web 2 – all while maintaining progress on the Icinga 1.x branch.
It is no surprise then that we clocked up over 4800 commits in the last year and doubled in number of contributors. These included nine milestone releases of Icinga 2, and three Icinga 1.x stable releases. Along the way, Icinga 2 has made it to “Icinga 1.x / Nagios drop-in replacement” status, boasting a new object-based configuration format, built-in cluster capabilities and convenient integration with Graphite, Livestatus-based addons.
Development in Icinga 1.x was also active, with improved interoperability and performance in the Core and Web, adding Classic UI live search and click filtering as well as a new Web cronk menu and ‘problems’ views. For these enhancements, we thank the many community contributors who sent in patches, bug reports and feature ideas.

Icinga 5th birthday

In fact, community creations have come in all forms this past year- from the very first books on Icinga published in English and German to RIPE’s Atlas probe with Icinga and Pager Duty’s Icinga notification services.
Our 5th year also brought important changes to our community channels. We moved all our release downloads to Github, migrated our user, development and announcement mailing lists to, and created a new auto-built package repository at
In between these activities and development on Icinga 1.x, Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2, we somehow managed to make it to a couple of events. We headed over to Brighton for FLOSSUK and London for DevOps Days; joined Chemnitz Linux Days and the OSMC, and got together for a team meet-up at the Linux Hotel.
Looking back, this past year may have been the busiest yet. All this activity has certainly attracted the attention of larger organisations such as the carmaker Audi, who implemented Icinga to monitor a whopping 10,000+ hosts and 50,000 services.
Such environments speak for the maturity of Icinga as a project and we are proud to have made it this far in just 5 years. So on this special day, we’d like to say thank you to all our Icinga friends: You have no idea how your mailing list and forum posts; tweets and likes; feature and patch submissions have helped make Icinga what it is today.