Call for Participation

Our call for papers is officially open. We’re accepting proposals for 30-minute talks and up to 90-minute workshops in our two-day agenda. We’d love to hear about your challenges and successes with Icinga, but also about general thoughts on monitoring strategies and best practices.

We’ve compiled a roster of topics that may give you some inspiration about your talk or workshop at the Icinga Summit.


Propose a Talk

Share your passion for a topic in the traditional talk format, with slides and presenting in front of the audience in a 30-minute session.

  • Bold Insights – Challenge norms and show unconventional observations
  • Winning Team – Demonstrate how monitoring can boost daily operations
  • Lessons Learned – Share insights from your experiences or projects
  • Use Cases – Unveil your unique Icinga environment
  • Custom Projects – Explore impactful project adventures
  • … or any other topic you believe would captivate the audience!

Propose a Workshop

In a workshop you will share your knowledge with a selected audience and work on a topic together. This more practice focused format allows you to stay hands on. You will have a slot of 90 minutes that you can use.

  • Automation – whether it’s Director or config management
  • Configuration – handling specific or general tasks
  • Integration – connecting Icinga with your favourite tools
  • Best Practice – avoiding common pitfalls and misconfigurations
  • … or any other topic you believe would captivate the audience!

Submit your Proposal

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