Dear community,
Yesterday we migrated our mailing lists away from Sourceforge. Today it’s time to migrate our release downloads. You may wonder why we are leaving a feature rich and free platform. The answer is simple – Sourceforge has grown to be too bloated with ads for our liking. Not only on their website and mailing list footers, but also by wrapping popular tools with their advertising installer. We do not want this to happen to Icinga or our users, and have therefore sought out possible alternatives.
Many community members have asked us “Why don’t you use GitHub for development?”. Though GitHub offers a complete toolstack for development, we still prefer our set of tools – Redmine for issue tracking & development organisation, deeply integrated with the existing Git server and its hooks, and further, Confluence as feature-rich wiki alternative. However, there is one big advantage to using GitHub – forks & pull requests make sending patches easier for everyone.
That’s primarly the reason why we’re now hosting a Git mirror on GitHub available at Fork Icinga, send pull requests. But please be sure to notify Icinga developers using our Development Tracker by creating a new issue. Releases will continue to be organized in Redmine; something we won’t change thanks to 5 years of habit, sorry 😉
Furthermore GitHub offers a release feature – Git tags are automatically available as archive downloads. While this hurts in some areas (‘icinga-core-1.10.0’ vs ‘icinga-1.10.0’), we’ve found a subtle solution for that: All releases contain an additional binary, are verified ok & uploaded by the Icinga release manager(s) ensuring the quality of the release process 🙂
For example, if you want to download Icinga 1.10.2, then follow this url (or use the version identifier for a more direct approach). Then click the green download  “icinga-1.10.2.tar.gz” button as shown in the image below:
All future releases (Icinga 1.11, Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2) will be uploaded to our new release platform. Thanks to GitHub for an awesome free service!
P.S.: We are in the process of migrating existing virtual appliances into a new style of demo boxes, much like the existing Icinga 2 Vagrant box 🙂