IcingaNetworkMonitoringBookSince the first German book on Icinga was published, it seems like calls from the international, English speaking community have been answered.
The first book dedicated to Icinga has been published in English, thanks to author Viranch Metha and the open source publishing house, Packt.
In seven chapters, “Icinga Network Monitoring” offers a paperback-sized guide for beginners to get started with Icinga- from installation, configuration and notification, to reporting, remote checks and writing custom plugins.
It promises to be packed with example configs, diagrams and screenshots and ought to make those who have been waiting for an English book to supplement the Icinga Docs and Wiki happy. As we haven’t been approached to review the book, we welcome reviews from those who’ve read it in our comments below.
“Icinga Network Monitoring” can be purchased in eBook and paperback format at the Packt website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble to name a few.