Day job: Application Developer, NETWAYS – I keep an eye on our products, develop new features, make sure everything in the infrastructure works.

Which part of Icinga could you put your name on?

Icinga Web, Icinga Web translation and git.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment I am preparing for the release of 1.0.3, fixing bugs and working on a new style set to provide themed icons for the interface.
What do you enjoy about working on the project?
The whole team and the idea that we too, propel Nagios forward and strengthen the community. Not to mention, developing features much faster and closer to the core is a pretty rewarding feeling in itself.

What was one memorable moment while on the Icinga team?

Showing the first previews of Icinga Web to the other team members and seeing their reactions was great- and definitely memorable.
Outside of Icinga, what are some of your other pet projects?
Hmm, I try to get my household in order somehow 🙂
What would you bet to be the next big thing in the open source or IT world?
I think something like HTML5 and WebSockets, which glue all the new technologies together and provide a much simpler and faster web to people.
How do you like to spend your time away from the keyboard and monitor?
Mountaineering is one favourite, climbing in the rocks of the Frankenjura or in the Alps. Also spending time with my friends to have some drinks together would be another.
What’s your two cents on Icinga?
No particular opinion, but I’m excited to see when we release Icinga Web 1.0.3 and put everything together, what comes of that and what will come next.