Interview with Angelika Bang, new Partner Manager at Icinga

by | Feb 3, 2021

Could you just quickly describe where you come from?

Actually, my professional background is in B2C brand and communication research. Over many years I have managed market research studies that helped brand manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz to understand their customers all over the world.  I have advised them strategically to communicate in the right way, build their brand value and be successful in the market.


So how did you come to Icinga?

After many years in my profession, I wanted something new. In fact, I´m not a tech person and I´ve never dreamed of working at a software company 🙂 However, as I enjoy working in an international context the job offer as Icinga partner manager sounded super interesting to me. When I had my first job interview, the atmosphere in the office and the people I met were just so nice and relaxed. So I was very quickly convinced that this is it and I joined the team in October 2020.


Tell me a bit about your role in the Icinga team!

I have an interesting position at the interface of product management, marketing and sales. As Icinga progresses as a company and brand, the idea was to offload work from our CPO Blerim who had handled all partner affairs before.  With me as partner manager, Blerim has now his head and hands free to focus on more strategic topics like the future evolution of Icinga.

Managing leads and supporting partners

Generally speaking, the biggest part of my work is communicating with our network of international partners. Managing the leads, i.e. the inquiries that come in from our webpage, and attributing them to the respective partners.  And staying in contact with them to ensure that the prospective clients are happy with our service. Apart from that, supporting our partners in their sales activities by providing them with appropriate marketing material.

New brand strategy means new marketing material

And here, I have to say that I am lucky to have joined the team in an exciting phase. Because now, at the age of 12 years, Icinga is becoming a “real” brand. In elaborate workshops in 2020, the team has established a new brand strategy. Based on this, we can now communicate more clearly to our clients, partners and community about who we are and where we are going.

The first touchpoint of the new Icinga brand is our redesigned website, online since December 2020.  Other marketing material for our partners is going to follow soon. For example, we are currently creating a new sales presentation that will better explain and showcase the benefits of the Icinga stack.

Finding new channel partners

Furthermore, a big aim of Icinga is to expand our existing network of partners. Until short time ago, we only worked together with companies that could assure the support to the end client. Finding new partners with deep knowledge of our product was not easy and limited the development of our network. Now we are also offering a reseller or channel partnership, i.e. a collaboration with companies that only sell our official Icinga support contracts. We are sure, this will make things easier for us and our international network will be growing soon!


A few final questions!

What do you like most about working at Icinga?

Well, first of all, I´m excited about this whole new world that opens up to me. And the possibility to learn new things and evolve.  At first, I was rather shy talking with “tech-heads”, but it´s beginning to get better. And finally, as a sales person nobody expects me to be “fluent” in Icinga 🙂

Besides, I value the “come-as-you-are” attitude, this is completely new to me. We are a colourful bunch of nerds and that feels very enriching to me personally. No matter where you come from, what you look like or how old you are – everybody feels welcome and invited to contribute their different talents to achieve our common goals.

I really like this open-source spirit as it is lived here at Icinga. And I am happy and proud to be part of this team!


Do you recall your first weeks at work?

Of course, I do. My colleague Blerim has taken care of giving me a comprehensive introduction to monitoring and the Icinga stack. He knows Icinga like the back of his hand and would also make a good teacher – so this was a good start for me. And, of course, also Feu and the rest of the team are always happy to help me whenever any question pops up.  Additionally, I spent quite some time on desk research to get a better knowledge about the whole business surrounding, our customers and competitors.

Right from the start I really liked the atmosphere here in our stunning and modern offices. It´s too bad that Corona came back, forcing almost everyone to work from home. But even in times of Corona people try to stay in contact and we had a really crazy virtual Christmas party. I believe that just all of us can´t wait to get back to work in the office 🙂

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