Icinga Support Matrix

Icinga is supported on a wide range of systems. Please make sure you are running Icinga on one of the supported systems below.


Server components include everything from the Icinga product line that is necessary to run a Master or Satellite setup. This includes:

Server components of the Icinga ecosystem are generally supported on the latest LTS version of the most common Linux distributions. To provide a smooth upgrade option, previous LTS versions overlap with a period of 6 months. This leads to the following support matrix for server components:

OSSupported Releases 
Debian9 stretch10 buster
Ubuntu18.04 bionic20.04 focal
RHEL / CentOS78


Running Icinga 2 as an agent requires less functionality than a Master or Satellite setup. Icinga as an agent is supported in a wider range of operating systems and versions. Running Icinga 2 in agent mode includes the following features:

  • All logging methods
  • Checker Feature
  • API Feature

Support for Icinga 2 Agent ends if the OS support ends automatically.  Following operating systems are supported for the Icinga 2 Agent:

OSSupported Versions   
Debian9 stretch10 buster
Ubuntu16.04 xenial18.04 bionic20.04 focal20.10 groovy
RHEL / CentOS78
WindowsServer 2012Server 2016Server 2019

Go ahead and try Icinga

We have a demo system waiting for you to see in Icinga in action. A demo is worth a thousand words.