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Last Chance to be an Early Bird for IcingaConf

Last Chance to be an Early Bird for IcingaConf

Even though the month is exceptionally long this year, February is coming to an end soon, and with it our Early Bird Ticket sale for IcingaConf 2020. Don’t wait too long: Get your Early Bird Tickets now! Enjoy the spirit of sharing stories and keeping each other up to...

Announcing Icinga for Windows v1.0

Announcing Icinga for Windows v1.0

It is finally ready for launch - the first final release v1.0 of Icinga for Windows. The past months were quite challenging: Analyzing, troubleshooting and fixing issues reported by our awesome community and customers: Your support made it possible that we can...

#MonitoringLove: Your place for Icinga Merchandise

#MonitoringLove: Your place for Icinga Merchandise

NETWAYS GmbH is one of our Icinga Partners and they have decided to set up a new store where our users and community members can shop Icinga merchandise and gear. NETWAYS now proudly presents the new #MonitoringLove shop which is hosting all the new Icinga merchandise...