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Respond to Incidents Faster with iLert

Respond to Incidents Faster with iLert

iLert is an alerting and on-call management solution for ops teams and helps you to respond to incidents faster. It extends monitoring tools such as Icinga with advanced alerting through SMS, phone calls, and push notifications and lets you easily manage on-call duty...

Icinga for Windows – v1.1.0 Release

Icinga for Windows – v1.1.0 Release

Today we are proud to announce the next major release of Icinga for Windows: Version 1.1.0. Besides new core features that we added to the Framework itself, we also provide additional components to extend the features of our solution. Thanks to the increased usage in...

Icinga L10n

Icinga L10n

Icinga Web 2 and all its modules have been localized from the very beginning. There were also quite a few languages added. Just recently Icinga Web 2 and the Director got a Japanese locale! And a updated Russian as well as a new Spanish (Argentina) locale are in the...