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Update for our Community

Update for our Community

Hello Everyone! As Feu had mentioned in their post earlier this week, we are restructuring how we work and how we communicate. From maintaining the project, to developing, to doing our events and working with you - the community. We see that we have been...

Icinga Virtual Meetup – A New Date

Icinga Virtual Meetup – A New Date

Almost a week ago we wanted to host our first virtual Icinga meetup. In fact, we were so excited about this that we may have rushed into it a little. The result was that the software we used was not able to handle the sheer amount of people joining. Additionally the...

Icinga DB Interviews: Johannes Meyer

Icinga DB Interviews: Johannes Meyer

Personal Can you describe your role in the Icinga project? In Icinga I am a developer and the maintainer of Icinga Web 2. I keep an eye out for bugs, needed features, documentation and the tasks in the web and its modules. Our team consists of Eric, Ravi, Florian and...