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Introducing Icinga Insights

Introducing Icinga Insights

Another Icinga online event is around the corner! On this upcoming Wednesday, December 2nd from 3 - 6 PM, we’re looking forward to bringing the community together again on this for us very important occasion! Are you in? We sure hope so! 🙂   What is Icinga...

Summary Day 5 of Feedback Week

Summary Day 5 of Feedback Week

It’s a wrap! This was our Icinga Feedback Week!   We’re infinitely grateful for every vote, every like, every comment and the love that you have shown. Thank you so much for participating in our survey and sharing your opinion with us!     The Social...

Summary Day 4 of Feedback Week

Summary Day 4 of Feedback Week

Ring in day 5! The Icinga Week is coming to an end with today being our last day, where you can cast your vote on several questions with the overall topic „Social Communication“.     Community Hero #3   Today is also the day on which you can choose your...