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Community Heroes

Hard work merits recognition. Our community heroes are voted every year to honor their outstanding contribution to Icinga. Thanks from our deepest hearts! 



Problem Solver

log1c is our Problem Solver, as he’s an active member of the community. Helping out the community, solving one problem at a time

Antony Stone

Antony Stone

Popular Helper

Antony Stone has given and received lots of love in the forums. He’s been an active member in the forum since its beginning!

Peter Eckel

Peter Eckel

Contribution Hero

Peter Eckel is our Contribution Hero: he’s been braving our codebase for a while and made additions to different repositories in our project.



Translation Master

p4k8 helped us out a lot by working on the Ukrainian translation and bringing it up to 100%. Thanks for your help!

Bodo Schulz

Bodo Schulz

Engagement Hero

Bodo Schulz has been doing a lot for our community in all sorts of different ways – but this hero title is for his amazing engagement on social media and our events!



Every Day Hero

That’s you! We’re happy to have you as our community! You’re always having each other’s back and that’s exactly why everyone is a hero in their own way!

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Find your own ways to get involved with the Icinga project and community and figure out how to boost your Icinga experience.


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Icinga Exchange

Plugins, addons, modules and more.

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Community Module Showcase

You built it. We love it. Thanks for making Icinga even better and more interesting for as many people as possible.

Grafana Module

Embed the graphs you build in Grafana directly into Icinga Web. 

Maps Module

Map your Icinga hosts with geolocation and visualize them on maps.

Netbox Module

Import device information automatically with this dedicated import source for Icinga Director.

Plugin Collection

This plugin collection is build on top of a uniform Python library.

Azure Module

Import Azure cloud resources automatically with this dedicated import source for Icinga Director.

Icinga Themes

A different look for every occasion. Personalize your Icinga with custom made themes.

Your own Icinga Channels

And you want more. There are various channels about and for Icinga that sprout and flourish. Feel free to create your own one.

IRC Libera #icinga / IRC Freenode #icinga

Subreddit r/icinga


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