Releasing Icinga Reporting v1.0.1 and Icinga Certificate Monitoring v1.3.2

by | Nov 23, 2023

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Icinga Reporting v1.0.1 and Icinga Certificate Monitoring v1.3.2.

Icinga Reporting

Icinga Reporting version v1.0.1 ships only a bugfixes introduced with the previous release.

The upgrade script from the previous release contains a MYSQL/MariaDB procedure that migrates the report schedule configuration to the new format. This procedure uses SQL named timezone to convert some timestamps that need to be imported explicitly, resulting in the loss of your entire schedule config.

  • Migrating existing report schedules fails due to missing named timezones #216

Previously, the Icinga Reporting daemon wasn’t reusing its database connection, which occasionally results in too many open connections if you have a certain number of report schedules.

  • Icinga Reporting daemon opens too many idle database connections #219

The reporting page was not being shown in a single-column layout when refreshing via HTTP requests (F5). As a workaround you can use the built-in Icinga Web refresh button or upgrade your Icinga Reporting to this version.

  • Reporting page not shown after refresh (F5) #217

Icinga Certificate Monitoring

Icinga Certificate Monitoring v1.3.2 contains also mainly some fixes related to the background daemon and added some new docs.

If you have a certain number of jobs and schedules configured, you may have noticed that due to a silly error on our end, not all of your jobs and schedules are being scheduled by the Icinga certificate monitoring daemon.

  • Daemon schedules only the last schedule of the last Job #219

Just like the Icinga Reporting daemon, the Icinga certificate Monitoring daemon is also opening too many idle database connections due to not reusing already opened connections.

  • Use only a single database connection per request #223
  • Missing documentation for the systemd service #221

Finally, we have added some documentation on how you can regularly clean up your Icinga Certificate Monitoring database.

  • Document the cleanup command #225

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