Last call for Icinga Camp Milan!

by | Oct 10, 2023

This is the final announcement for individuals who have not yet registered for Icinga Camp Milan. If you’re interested in attending but haven’t booked your spot, please proceed with the registration immediately. Our team is in the process of finalizing the arrangements, and the ticket shop will be closing its doors in a few days. I want to emphasize once again: this is the last opportunity for interested participants to join us for Icinga Camp Milan. Thank you.

We’re gearing up for our journey to Milan! And even after hosting numerous Icinga Camps, these final days leading up to the event are always the most thrilling. Everything is in place: the program is finalized, speakers are prepared, and our branded materials such as rollups, banners, and counters are ready to go. Glancing at the attendee list, we anticipate a fantastic audience comprising Icinga users, customers, developers, and enthusiasts gathering in Milan for the second time.


What to expect:

Icinga Camp Milan is a one-day event featuring a single track filled with talks from Icinga developers, the community, Icinga partners, and customers. We strive to cover topics we believe are significant to our audience, so you can expect a diverse range of subjects. The event will include a summary of the most recent updates to Icinga, insights into ongoing projects, and discussions about how others utilize and extend Icinga to meet their specific needs.

Allow me to highlight two intriguing talks from our agenda: Our CTO, Eric, will provide an exclusive preview of the current state of the Kubernetes Module. Additionally, Thomas Gelf and Rocco Pezzani will unveil a new Icinga module developed in collaboration with Würth Phoenix and Irideos, enabling distributed SNMP network monitoring for large segmented networks. For detailed information, please refer to the program schedule.

Icinga Camps serve as a hub where you can exchange your experiences with other Icinga users, meet the team behind Icinga, and engage with Icinga partners for discussions, learning, and knowledge sharing. During breaks between the talks, you’ll have the opportunity to interact directly with the speakers and engage in discussions about the topics presented on stage. Lunch will be provided, and there will be refreshments available after the event concludes.


Special Thanks to Würth-Phoenix:

We want to express our deep appreciation to our fantastic Italian partner, Würth-Phoenix, whose invaluable support has enabled the realization of Icinga Camp Milan.


Get Prepared, Secure Your Spot:

There are no seat categories to choose from—no first class, business class, premium economy, or budget economy. Registration is incredibly easy and straightforward!


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