Releasing Icinga vSphere® Integration v1.5.0

by | Oct 17, 2022

Our Icinga vSphere® module has reached a new milestone, v1.5.0. It contains some buxfixes and a lot of new features and improvements. For all details, check the full changelog.


In the v1.5 you might notice a few updates on the UI. A lot of the changes are smaller quality of life changes, which make it easier to navigate and see what is happening in your system.

There are a lot of UI improvement like better image processing, dark and lightmode fixes, a fix whtat makes links that point to VMware now work on v6.7 and 7.x, various documentation improvements, updates for images of different vendors, calendar visual fixes, pagination fixes, and better translations.

But of course there are more changes than just to the UI.

Permissions and Restrictions

On the topic of Permissions and Restrictions, it’s now possible to restrict access to specific vCenters only.

Monitoring Rules

The Monitoring Rules are now more visible and the host systems and datastores have a monitoring tab. Ruleset naming has been expanded and there are additional rules you can implement, like memory usage rules.

Check Plugins

Check Plugins have been expanded in this update, with the old single vCenter connections check that makes its return and a new vSphereDB daemon health check. There is also support for the –uuid flag on single object check commands.

A vSphereDB daemon health check has been implemented


Background Daemon

For the Background Daemon we introduced some better logging with human readable object UUIDs, as well as some fixes concerning the API connectivity and schema migrations.

vSphere API

vSphere APIs compatibility with vSphere 5.5 has been restored and host bus adapters are now synchronized.


Fixes and Features around InfluxDB include better debugging and better data transfer for host network performance. And more good news: v2 API support has been fixed, so there is no more need to configure a v1 user.


There are also various improvements for integrations with Director Import and the Monitoring Module. Like how the Director Import Source now ships ManagedObject-references, provides SysInfo/BIOS-UUIDs, and allows to ignore powered off VMs and ships power state.

Fixed issues

You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our


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