IPL – Icinga PHP Library

by | Oct 12, 2022

A few years ago, we introduced a new, completely independent library. The IPL – Icinga PHP Library, a bundle of Icinga PHP libraries.

Since then we are actively working on further development and adding new features. Today I would like to highlight individual parts of this library and the tasks they perform.



This library is a Html abstraction layer where you can find everything you need to create and render you HTML components in a safe and comfortable way.

You don’t have to worry about escaping your content because elements created with this library are automatically escaped.



This library provides a translation suite using PHP’s native gettext extension.



This library is an OOP SQL abstraction for PHP. It provides a database connection abstraction and an SQL query abstraction layer for building SQL queries via an OOP API. It is an extension to the native PDO.



This library (based on ipl-sql) is a object-relational mapper that makes working with your databases a breeze.



All our libraries are based on this library. It provides many useful features like string handling, data class for storing data, plugins trait for loading classes, interfaces and traits that are used in other ipl libraries, and much more.



This library provides a set of useful validators that help you easily validate form values and display a message when validation has failed.



Last but not least, our ipl-web library provides common web components like Searchbar, Pagination and Limit Control, as well as some widgets like Icon and StateBall.

And of course all components have their default design, which can be easily customized to your needs.


The new Icinga Web 2 module Icinga DB Web makes the most use of these libraries so far.

Detailed information on how to use these libraries will follow in the next blogs, stay tuned.

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