Releasing Icinga 2.13.5

by | Aug 11, 2022

Today we are releasing Icinga 2.13.5. It addresses issues with 2.13.x-only changes such as logging startup messages to Windows event log or Icinga DB. In addition, the bundled dependencies on Windows are updated to the latest available versions.



  • Ensure not to write an incomplete (i.e. corrupt) state file. #9467
  • ITL: Render vars.apt_upgrade=true as –upgrade, not –upgrade=true. #9458
  • Icinga DB: Add missing Redis SELinux policy. #9473
  • Windows: Don’t spam the event log with non-error startup messages. #9457
  • Windows: Update bundled version of OpenSSL. #9460
  • Docs: Update RHEL 8 installation instructions. #9482
  • Docs: Add RHEL 9 installation instructions. #9482

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