Icinga integration cases: OpsBridge and ServiceNow

by | May 11, 2022

The health of your systems and applications is fundamental for your organization’s infrastructure. Monitoring them indicates if there are any issues that need to be handled before they become serious and affect your customers. This is why companies often use a plethora of monitoring tools that can spot any irregularities as early as possible.

Icinga allows you to monitor a lot of different metrics throughout your ecosystem, with various plugins that are ready-to-use. It helps you track your datacenter, servers, web applications, databases, networks, containers, and more.

The majority of companies use more than one monitoring tool to make sure they will eliminate the risk of omitting important events that might become critical. However, in order to maximize the benefits of your monitoring tools and avoid misalignments, you need to connect these monitoring tools and have them work seamlessly together. Integrating Icinga with your other apps allows free data flow between them and guarantees you won’t miss any critical incident.

ZigiOps is a powerful no-code integration platform that helps you connect Icinga with your other systems within minutes.


Icinga – Micro Focus OpsBridge Integration

The first example we will be looking at is how to easily connect Icinga with OpsBridge. If you are using both tools in your organization, integrating them will give you a complete overview on your ecosystem. There are several ways ZigiOps can help in this scenario.

For example, there are some hosts which exist in Icinga and are not present in the OpsBridge database but need to be monitored. ZigiOps takes the information from Icinga and reports it to OpsBridge, enriching the topology. ZigiOps performs regular checks and keeps the topology up to date automatically.

Another case is when ZigiOps collects Icinga problems and reports them to OpsBridge. The platform syncs all related configuration items data and other relevant details. You can easily set which details you want to be transferred with the filtering and mapping options of ZigiOps.

The integration platform can also collect Icinga metrics and report them to OpsBridge with related configuration item information. These metrics can then be accessed by the OpsBridge Performance Perspective and used for the building of dashboards and reports.


Icinga – ServiceNow integration

The other scenario we will be looking at is connecting Icinga with the topology module of ServiceNow that many organizations use for monitoring, as well. We have two major use cases here.

Similar to the OpsBridge integration, Icinga might have hosts that are not present in ServiceNow Servers topology. ZigiOps automatically detects the missing hosts and places them in ServiceNow. The integration platform automatically checks and enriches the ServiceNow topology whenever there are new hosts or data related to them.

The second use case is when specific problems need to be transferred from Icinga to ServiceNow. Tanks to the advanced field mapping and filtering features of ZigiOps, you can easily pre-define which problems need to be transferred. The integration platform detects these problems discovered by Icinga and logs them into ServiceNow as events, incidents or problems, depending on your specific requirements. Whenever there are changes in the Icinga problems, ZigiOps automatically updates the changes in ServiceNow, too. When a problem is closed in ServiceNow, ZigiOps detects that and closes it in Icinga.

This is how ZigiOps easily keeps your systems in sync. Want to learn more? Book a demo with our experts and see how it works live.







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