We are announcing Icinga-X!

by | Apr 1, 2022

Some would say, it’s “just” a release. We say it’s revolutionary. Never seen before. One of a kind. Exceptional.
Why, you wonder? Because we have reinvented monitoring.


Please release – it’s about time

The time has finally come to share the news with you! Believe us, it was really hard to keep this secret project under lock and key for so long, especially at OSMC 2021. But now – after months and endless hours of work, meetings, nightshifts and many changes – is the time to tell you about: Icinga-X! While others fly to space, we fly even higher with Icinga-X!


Tell the Universe

So, what is Icinga-X all about? Some of the amazing features of this new monitoring tool include:

  • Icinga-X operates completely 100% in the cloud – no more pesky servers or installations
  • Checkless Checks with AI – observes your devices and warns you automatically
    The starter check AIs like ping, SSH and are included with Icinga-X
  • We also offer additional check AIs readily bundled for your needs in our Icinga App Store
    In the Icinga App store you can also find different Themes and Modules, like Graphs and different Notification adapters, so you can get emails instead of calls!
  • We booted that outdated DSL, now all configuration will be done in the nice frontend – just like you’d do it in the director now
  • Your configuration is now stored in the blockchain!
    For more speed, stability and security!
  • Everyone receives 15 free warning and critical notifications a month.
    Additional notifications are included with our different tiers.
  • For accessibility we are going to ditch the red-yellow-green and will solely focus on shades of Icinga-Blue(tm).
  • If you really want to, you can get the trafficlight theme in our App Store though!
  • And finally to improve your security and to avoid any malicious hackers getting into you system, we have decided to close the code for Icinga-X.
    When noone can read the code, how would they find any way to get in?


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