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by | May 14, 2021

Icinga is the perfect, powerful monitoring stack that helps you tackle your monitoring challenge. It´s open source and free to use for anybody – be it a private person, a non-profit organization or a commercial company.


Why pay for support?


However, although you may implement and manage everything on your own, many companies prefer having access to our expert support. You can rest easier knowing you can reach someone that can solve difficult problems with your installation, operation and use of Icinga.

And it´s good to know that the money from support contracts directly funds Icinga´s efforts in development, product management and our global partner network.


Get assistance the way that works for you.


With an official support subscription you are backed by our professional Icinga engineers. It’s the perfect extension to add insurance and assurance for your enterprise infrastructure.

As we understand that each business is different, our support service plans are flexible regarding the complexity of the environment and the scope of service needed. We offer 4 plans (Starter, Basic, Premium and Enterprise level) differing in support specifications as

– Response times (from 2h to next business day)

– Number of Contacts and Channels (E-mail, phone, remote debugging, consulting days…)

– Conditions (e.g. number of Icinga servers and support cases)

– Support for modules and integrations


The number of servers varies per support plan but can be increased upon request. Same applies to the inclusion of advanced modules, integrations or additional support cases. Most of these elements can be tailored to fit to your specific needs and budget.


Receive 100% assurance that no matter the problem, we’ll find a solution.


What will be the impact on your business when a malfunction occurs in your monitoring?  What if you are experiencing downtime—can your business afford to wait?

Investing in an official support subscription just means continuing your professional company management also with view to your IT network. It guarantees that your monitoring runs as smoothly as the rest of your business!


A subscription allows your IT organization to effectively plan and budget.


It´s a cost-effective and efficient way to ensures that whenever there is a problem, Icinga experts are immediately available to assist and resolve issues.


How can I get a price quote?


Contact us with our request form and share your business goals with our sales team. Our group of experts will be happy to assemble a long-term strategy that’s right for you.



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