Icinga Business Process Modelling Version 2.3.0

by | May 27, 2020

The Business Process module is used to visualise all the objects in Icinga in a hierarchical format. This way, you can visualise your data in a way that fits its application!
You can create custom process-based dashboards and trigger notifications at process or sub-process level. You can also have a quick top-level view for thousands of components on a single screen.
If you’re running a huge infrastructure and want to get rid of the monitoring noise and still want to have detailed information in just a few clicks, you might want to check out the module on GitHub!
Additions to ‘icingacli businessprocess process check’:
The check command used to just ignore acknowledgements and downtimes. So we added two new switches that make it possible to set the state to OK, if the node is acknowledged or in downtime.
--ack-is-ok and --downtime-is-ok for setting the respective state to OK.
--blame is for only showing nodes that have the same state as the process itself.
--root-cause --blame shows only the path that causes a problem.
Changes with “display_name”
Before this version the object_name property was used for the Host- and Service nodes. Since this is the unique identifier for the object, this can lead to it being pretty unreadable.
From now on we use the display_name property for better readability, like in Icinga Web.


  • Now Compatible with PHP 7.4 #273
  • Add new options for the CLI #255
  • Adapted “display_name” to fit with Icinga Web #102



  • Align chapters to official documentations’ structure #269
  • Update docs on operator evaluation #259



  • Fix errors occuring with new empty nodes #272
  • Fix superfluous error message on imported empty node #270
  • Fix BP root node added in interface displaying wrong data #225
  • Fix error for processes with special chars #263
  • Fix inability to delete imported nodes #248
  • Fix URL param overrides upon rendering #265
  • Fix references in BP config files #266
  • Fix states being displayed incorrectly #264
  • Fix unnecessary base target overrides#268
  • Fix confusing direct translations #257
  • Fix visual bug on load impact #262

Stay tuned for the next release: we’re working on the Icinga DB backend integration in this pull request.
Anything you wanna add? Got some issues of your own? You like what we are doing?
Please let us know and reach out in the issue tracker on GitHub or in our community forum!

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