Icinga Developer Subscription

The Developer Subscription is aimed at individuals and entities who use Icinga in small environments for development or production.


Who is the Icinga Developer Subscription aimed at?

The Developer Subscription is an offer for individuals and entities who use Icinga in small environments for development or production use. After submitting your details using the form on this page we will verify your details and get back to you with the account details. Your request for the Icinga Developer Subscription may be declined if we believe it is made under false assumptions or does not match our target group for the offering.

What is made available at no cost?

With the Developer Subscription you get access to all package repositories which are made available with the regular Repository Subscription. Currently these are package repositories for the following operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Amazon Linux 2
  • Suse Linux Enterprise Server

Our RHEL packages may be used on operating systems that are a 100% application binary compatible alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (eg. Oracle Linux, Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux).

What are the limitations?

The Developer Subscription includes entitlements to run any combination of the Icinga Software included in the Developer Subscription on up to twenty (20) Physical Nodes or Virtual Nodes for Development Use and/or Production Use. The maximum number of hosts monitored with Icinga must not exceed twenty (20). “Physical Node” means a physical system which contains or executes all or a portion of Icinga Software including, without limitation, a server, workstation, laptop, blade, or other physical system. “Virtual Node” means an instance of Icinga Software executed, in whole or in part, on a virtual machine or in a container.

How do I add the repository to my operating system?

We make documentation available for every component of Icinga. On the Learn page open the documentation of the component you want to install and select your operating system. You will be guided through the steps to add the repository and install the software.

How do I proceed if I reach the limits of the Icinga Developer Subscription?

Once you reach the limitations described above you are obligated to report this to Icinga. You account will then be transferred to a regular Repository Subscription account and you will be billed the regular fees that apply at the time.

Do I have to renew the Subscription?

The Developer Subscription is valid for one year and must be renewed. For renewal, re-submit you details within the form on this page.

Do I get professional support with the Icinga Developer Subscription?

The Developer Subscription is unsupported, intended for your individual use and is not intended or supported for any other purpose. If you’re searching for professional services, support or training, please reach out using our contact form

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