Icinga Subscription

An Icinga Support Subscription provides professional assistance to cover your entire monitoring infrastructure. This makes it easier for you to focus on your business.

Icinga support engineers provide world-class enterprise-grade support for every supported Icinga component and addon. Support plans also include exclusive access to our upcoming stacked and long-time releases and put your support needs on the top of our list. At Icinga we understand that each business is different, so our PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE plans can be extended. More details about the supported operating systems could be found in our support matrix.

* Response times
Basic is 8h on level 3 issues. Other issues have NBD.
Premium is 4h on level 3 issues. Level 2 has 8h and level 1 is NBD
Enterprise is 2h on level 3 issues. Level 2 has 4h and level 1 is NBD

** Basic modules
Basic modules includes Icinga Director, Icinga Certificate Monitoring, Icinga Business Process Modelling, Icinga Module for Graphite, Icinga Module for Elasticsearch, Icinga TTS Integration, Icingabeat, Icinga Reporting, Icinga Cube

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