Icinga Subscription

An Icinga Support Subscription provides professional assistance to cover your entire monitoring infrastructure. This makes it easier for you to focus on your business.

Basic Modules


  • Icinga 2
  • Icinga Web 2
  • Icinga Director
  • Icinga Certificate Monitoring


  • Icinga Reporting
  • Icinga Business Process Modelling
  • Icinga Cube


  • Director Import AWS
  • Director Import Azure

Incident Management

  • Icinga Module for Jira
  • Icinga TTS Integration


  • Icinga Module for Elasticsearch
  • Elasticsearch Writer
  • Logstash Integration
  • Icingabeat


  • Icinga Module for Graphite
  • Output for Graphite
  • Output for Elasticsearch
  • Output InfluxDB
  • Output for OpenTSDB

Advanced Modules


  • Icinga Module for vSphere®

Request a Quote

    Terms and Conditions

    • Support elements can be added to any marked item within the BASIC, PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE levels to meet your individual needs. Simply contact our local partners for an individual quote.
    • Service hours are valid in your time zone. Please contact your local partners for details.
    • Response until the end of the next business day in your time zone.


    Response Times

    • Basic is 8h on level 3 issues. Other issues have NBD.
    • Premium is 4h on level 3 issues. Level 2 has 8h and level 1 is NBD
    • Enterprise is 2h on level 3 issues. Level 2 has 4h and level 1 is NBD


    Support Elements

    At Icinga we understand that each business is different, so our BASIC, PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE plans can be extended. More details about the supported operating systems could be found in our support matrix.


    Number of Icinga 2 Servers

    The number of supported Icinga installations varies per support plan, but can be increase upon request. An Icinga server is defined here to include both satellite and centrally controlled Icinga server installations.


    Support for Official Icinga Modules

    Icinga is highly extensible. We support all official Icinga Modules. Please see icinga.com/subscription for details and listings of the supported addons.


    Support for Integrations

    There are more than 200 Icinga add-ons available, developed by the Icinga community. Support for any of these add-ons is offered to BASIC plan clients and higher where compatible with Icinga 2.

    Other integrated Open Source tools like Puppet, Ansible, Elasticsearch, Graylog, MySQL, MariaDB etc. are not supported in this support plan.

    Examples: The Icinga 2 Puppet Module is included; your Puppet environment is not included in the Icinga support plan. The IDO database schema is included, your MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL setup is not included. Please ask your local partner for additional support options to cover these Open Source tools.


    24×7 Cases/Year

    ENTERPRISE support contracts include 24 support cases per year. Additional cases can be purchased on demand.


    Support from Icinga

    Our partners provide the support from Level 1-3. Please see their support terms for details. Icinga backs them with comprehensive knowledge and development experience on Level 3 issues if necessary.


    Severity Level Definitions

    • Level 1: Only minor functionality is impacted or a (cosmetic) bug is affecting a small number of users.
    • Level 2: Major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced. The situation is causing a high impact to portions of your monitoring operations and no reasonable workaround exists.
    • Level 3: Critical production issue that severely impacts your use of the software.

    Go ahead and try Icinga

    We have a demo system waiting for you to see Icinga in action. A demo is worth a thousand words.